As many of you know, I live in a house of boys. Other than our insane cat, Maggie (and she's so crazy I'm not sure she counts for much), I am the only girl. Hubby, Boy #1, Boy #2, dog and (slightly less crazy) cat keep my life interesting. Boy #1 is 3 1/2 and Boy #2 is 20 months and they LOVE dinosaurs. They (and consequently, I) spend a lot of time roaring and stomping, playing with dinosaur toys and watching Dinosaur Train. That show is pure genius, dinosaurs AND trains, what boy wouldn't love it?! So, when a sweet friend with boys of her own asked me to make dinosaur cookies I was super excited! And, did I mention, she placed two orders for them? Yes, she totally rocks.
Dinosaurs round 1
Here is the first set I made (see above). I did some browsing around and like the dinosaurs Sugarbelle made, the black outline kind of made them pop. I had my paleontological fact checker (Boy #1) assure me that these were accurate representations of a T. rex and Triceratops, then he promptly bit the head off an extra triceratops and declared he was a very hungry T. rex.   
Dinosaurs, round 2
In the meantime my work-wife (from my time in research) and a fellow Dr. Bell was planning a Dinosaur Train themed birthday party for her soon to be 3 year old. Now, character cookies are tricky and we were going to do trains from the show but after the first round of dino cookies we decided to make the dinosaurs in the same colors as those on the show. I even threw in some hatching eggs. As these were my birthday present to her son, I carefully packaged them and entrusted them to the ever vigilant and cautious care of USPS. BAD MOVE. Each and every cookies broke :( I'm pretty sure they think "fragile" means "put this box under the biggest, heaviest one on your truck and then drive over speed bumps at 50mph. Sigh...

Dinosaurs round 3
Then it was time for the second set of dino cookies for friend who first ordered them. These were fun because I was able to take the design and colors I liked best and combine them.

Of course, with each order I had to make a few extra for my own little dinosaurs to munch on. These are really fun to make and I can't wait for my next dino order!
9/17/2012 06:54:09 am

I have a hypothesis: Your cookies are amazing.

Test: Nom nom nom...

Result: The data confirms it! Your cookies are AMAZING!

I think I need to repeat the experiment.....for science....


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