I'm trying some mobile blogging today, pictures and blog all done with my phone :) isn't technology wonderful?

Today's WFMW post today is a quick one on storing royal icing. As you all know, it dries pretty quickly (unless it is 100% humidity like it often is in Houston). So you need to keep it sealed up between making it and using it so it doesn't dry out.

Here's my cheap way to store it:
Yep. Those are former lunch meat containers! After we are done with them they get scrubbed and washed and recycled into royal icing containers. They're a great size, seal nicely and you can write on the top with a Sharpie to remind you what color you are supposed to make. The writing will wash off as well! They store easily and stack nicely when in use.

So, look around and see if there's something you already have that you can use. No point in wasting perfectly good containers!

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